Wines born where Lorenzo de’ Medici cultivated “vini vermigli e malvagie”

Villa Montepaldi lies on the hills around San Casciano in Val di Pesa, about 20 km away from Florence, into the northern area of Chianti Classico, in one of the most prosperous and renowned wine-making areas in Tuscany.

Vineyards and olive groves, arable land, orchards, and woods paint the landscape around Villa Montepaldi, a classic example of Renaissance building, located at 256 meters on the ridge overlooking the Pesa river valley.

9</br> <span>centuries of history</span>
centuries of history

With a tradition spanning 9 centuries, Villa Montepaldi has its roots in the past but looks to the future

300</br> <span>hectares</span>

The property of Montepaldi covers an area of about 300 hectares into the northern area of Chianti Classico.

29</br> <span>years of research</span>
years of research

Since 1989, the property has belonged to the University of Florence, which supports the entire production process with innovative techniques and a multidisciplinary approach.

200.000 <br/> <span> bottles a year </span>
bottles a year

We respond to the demands of an increasingly aware clientele with top quality wines.

Authenticity and sustainability merge, respecting ethics and consumers